Ep #5 – Slava Kozlovskii on ‘Eveeh’ his electric vehicle hire start-up


We’re on the brink of a transportation revolution!

Fleets of electric cars using a fraction of the energy, producing zero carbon pollution and driving autonomously are just moments away from hitting our streets in full force. Giving us cleaner air and an end to traffic jams.

One entrepreneur, supported by clean energy incubator Energy Lab has positioned his start-up ‘Eveeh’ perfectly to help accelerate the public interest and create a platform for the next big social disruption!

Are electric vehicles worth it?
What does the future of personal transportation look like?

In this episode

Listen in to hear Slava – Founder of electric vehicle hire company Eveeh, answer these questions and much more.

Hire a Tesla Model S – www.eveeh.com.au

Energy Lab Incubator – http://energylab.org.au/

Electric car Councilhttp://electricvehiclecouncil.com.au/

Here’s the math on EV’s – https://techstory.com.au/electric-car-actually-better/

Source: Episode #5 – Slava Kozlovskii on building Australia’s first electric vehicle hire company ‘Eveeh’, the awesomeness of Tesla’s model S and the future of EV


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