Renewable energy for everyone! (Even renters)

IN AUSTRALIA, 85% of our electricity gets produced by coal-fired thermal power stations. AND while we do have small though vocal pockets, crying foul over a lackluster enthusiasm to replace or repair these giant air polluters, we the majority can indeed see past our noses, to the obvious necessity and clearly overwhelming long-term economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy.

Change does of course take time, but fortunately, in this instance, the population is miles ahead of the politics on this front.

21% of suitable households in Australia have installed rooftop solar

in 2017 we have 61 million rooftop solar installations, a capacity of 6GW, equal to
6 Lidell Power stations — the highest penetration of rooftop solar in the world.


30% of Australians rent!

You don’t want to contribute to the 4 million odd deaths caused by air pollution every year and you’re cognisant that every day your household produces about 20kg of carbon pollution — But you actually can’t install solar… So what CAN you do?

Green power – Renewable energy for all!

What have the government done? Well actually, something really great.
Your energy provider is required to offer you renewably sourced electricity.
You can have 100% renewably sourced electricity coming to your home without the upfront cost of solar installation.

This DOES come a premium — about 10%.
Though you are directly supporting investment into renewables.
Supply and demand folks!

An extra 10% adds up to about $12 a month.
But will prevent about 500kg of carbon from going into the atmosphere.
Equivalent to taking 2 cars off the road. 

A HUGE impact!

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